Dr. Santha Kumari

PhD in Psychology, IIT- Kanpur, India

Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, TIET


Cognitive and Experimental Psychology, Emotion recognition, resilience , Behaviour Therapy and narcissism



A dedicated, detailed and capable academic with 35 years of experience in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research in the field of Experimental Cognitive and Neuropsychology. Hardworking, honest and sincere, and value personal and professional integrity. Willing to learn new things and adapt easily to new environments. A person with a high level of empathy and concern for the students’ intellectual, psychological and emotional needs. As a teacher, Dr Santha’s fundamental responsibility is to communicate information to her students so that they can make informed decisions. Dr Santha Kumari is a proponent of active learning and use of a variety of methods and modern technology to encourage discussion and interaction on the issues the course presents.

Dr Santha is very committed to providing a learning environment that is both exciting and rigorous, one that empowers both the student and teacher in pursuing learning. She devises various assessment strategies that allow her to fairly assess student learning regardless of student’s learning styles. Above all, Dr Santha treats her students with utmost respect creating an environment where students feel safe to candidly discuss topics, which they might otherwise, hesitant to address. In addition, she brings in her research output in the classroom and follows a research focussed practical oriented teaching style. Finally, she is a learner, and learns new things from her students in each class.

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