What is Liberal Arts & Sciences?

Evolving from the Greek era, Liberal Arts offers the broadest foundations for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary thinking drawing from relevant areas of Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences and the Humanities, including Performative Arts and Aesthetics. Its aim is to nurture creative thinkers to be adequately prepared for life and the coming times.

Why Study Liberal Arts & Sciences

A liberal arts education with its emphasis on integrated knowledge opens minds to new ways of thinking about the world, society, self, and the coming challenges of the future. It provides one with invaluable analytical skills, capacity to tackle uncharted areas, understanding of group dynamics, ability to do careful research and independently assess existing knowledge. It gives one widely regarded employability skills and a grounding for further education.

Our goal is to develop passionate leaders for defining and building the new India and ultimately the new world of our dreams

Our Mission

Thapar School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is set up to create a stimulating and inspiring environment in which young scholars would awaken to their true potential, critically understand their world from multiple perspectives, and become creative participants in a liberal democratic society. It is also committed to developing a thriving and open research environment in which any new idea can be explored.

Our Vision

Thapar School of Liberal Arts and Sciences aims at creating excellence in all facets of intellectual life and a world-class platform for fresh and innovative thinking on wide-ranging global, societal, and individual challenges.