TSLAS Faculty

Dr. Neloy Kumar Chakroborty

PhD in Neurobiology, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Assistant Professor, TSLAS, TIET

Sensory Learning and Memory, Hygienic Behavior in Honey Bees, Herbal Formulations to Ameliorate Pesticide-Mediated Toxicity


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Dr. Ipshita Chowdhury

PhD in Engineering Psychology, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland

Assistant Professor, TSLAS, TIET

Cognitive ergonomics, Situation awareness, Task analysis, Safety


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Dr. Sheikh Adil Edrisi

PhD in Botany, MPhil in Environmental Science and Sustainable Development, Banaras Hindu University, India

Assistant Professor, TSLAS, TIET
Visiting Fellow, BNU, China & CIFOR, Indonesia

Bioenergy Production, Land Restoration, Restoration Ecology, Socio-economics, Sustainability Sciences


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Dr. Timothy Kerswell

PhD in Political Science, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Associate Professor, TSLAS, TIET

Political Economy, Comparative Politics, Political Science, Labour Studies, Social Movements


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Dr. Padmakumar Nair

PhD in Nano-structured Materials (Nanotechnology), University of Twente, The Netherlands
PhD in Chemical Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Director, LMTSM, Derabassi Campus, TIET
Professor and Dean, TSLAS, TIET

Sustainability and Ethics


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Dr. Andrea Raimondi

PhD in Metaphysics, University of Nottingham, UK

Assistant Professor, TSLAS, TIET

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science


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Dr. Kaustuv Roy

PhD in Philosophy and Sociology of Education, Michigan State University, USA

Chair, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Learning
Professor, TSLAS, TIET

Philosophy and Sociology of Education


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Dr. Neeti Sethi

PhD in Art Theory, University of New South Wales, Australia

Chair, Programmes
Professor, TSLAS, TIET

Visual Art and Design, Indigenous arts and crafts, Community Development


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Dr. Ajit Sinha

PhD in Economics, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

Chair, Research and Faculty Development
Professor, TSLAS, TIET

History of Economic Theory


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Dr. Byapti Sur

PhD in History, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Assistant Professor, TSLAS, TIET

Indian Ocean, Early Modern History, Socio-economic History, Global History


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Associated Faculty

Dr. Ajay Batish

PhD in Industrial Engineering, Thapar Institute of Engineering Technology

Deputy Director and Professor, TIET

Advanced Manufacturing, Process Optimization, Ergonomics, Higher Education Quality and Excellence, Industrial Engineering


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Dr. Divya Bhutiani

PhD, ERM Houston, USA

Assistant Professor, LMTSM, Derabassi Campus, TIET

Organization, Strategy and International Management, Leadership, Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship


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Dr. Dilbagh Singh Broca

PhD, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, India

Professor, LMTSM, Derabassi Campus, TIET

Analytics, Business Analytics and Data Science


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Dr. Manmohan Chhibber

PhD in Chemistry, Panjab University, India

Professor, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, TIET

Synthetic organic chemistry, Organic materials, Antimicrobial compounds, Ion and Biomolecule Sensing


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Dr. Sandeep Goyal

PhD in Social Entrepreneurship, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

Assistant Professor, LMTSM, Derabassi Campus, TIET

Social Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics and Data Science


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Dr. Pradeep Hota

PhD in Social Entrepreneurship and Strategic ManagementD, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

Associate Professor, LMTSM, Derabassi Campus, TIET

Social Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management


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Dr. Ravi Kiran

PhD in Industrial Management, Thapar Institute of Engineering Technology

Professor, TIET

Industrial Management, Behavioral and Business Economics, Data Analytics & Business Modeling, Entrepreneurship & IPRs, Human Development, ICTs and E-Business


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Dr. Vinay Kumar

PhD in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jaypee University of Information Technology, Noida

Associate Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, TIET

Deep learning, image and video processing, speech processing, Electronics and Communication Engineering


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Dr. Santha Kumari

PhD in Psychology, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, TIET

Cognitive and Experimental Psychology, Emotion recognition, resilience , Behaviour Therapy and narcissism


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Dr. Bhaskar Chandra Mohanty

PhD in Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Associate Professor, School of Physics and Material Sciences, TIET

Photovoltaics, thin film growth, flexible and dynamic electronics


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Dr. N. Tejo Prakash

PhD in Environmental Sciences, Pondicherry University, India

Professor, School of Energy and Environment, TIET

Selenium biotransformations and nanoparticle biogenesis; its bioactivity and bioavailability under in-vitro and in-vivo systems


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Dr. Satveer Singh

PhD in English Literature, The English and Foreign Languages University, India

Assistant Professor, LMTSM, Derabassi Campus, TIET

Critical Theory, Critical Discourse Analysis, Cultural Theory, Narratology, Celebrity and Media Studies, Debates and articles on topical events


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Visiting Faculty

Kenichiro Akiyama

Representative Director, Minori Management Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan

Global Human Resource and Cross Cultural Management

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Dr. Gerhard Fatzer

PhD in Education, University of Zurich

Director, MIT Sloan School of Management and IEDC Bled School of Management

Leadership and Organizational Development, Change Management

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Dr. Aard Groen

PhD, University of Twente, Netherlands

Dean University of Groningen, Center of Entrepreneurship (UGCE)

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Valorization


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Jerry Hoag

Senior Associate Dean (Emeritus), UT Dallas


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Dr. Rohit Rampal

PhD in Management Information Systems, Oklahoma State University, USA

Professor, State University of New York, Plattsburgh, USA

Learning information security and ethics, Information systems in manufacturing, Business intelligence and analytics, Medical decision support systems, Neural network


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Dr. Ryan Wittingslow

PhD in Arts, History and Philosophy, University of Sydney, Australia

Assistant Professor, University College Groningen

Philosophy of Arts & Culture


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