Our Bachelors program in Business Administration has been designed with the objective of laying the intellectual foundation for the Gen Z managers of the 21st Century. The program empowers them with skills and competencies with which they can acquire strategic business foresight, ethical decision-making capabilities, and adopt a sustainable outlook. In essence, the program is designed to develop leaders who could proactively enact business practices that take the welfare of the people, impact on the planet into account whilst pursuing economic well-being of all stakeholders. Presently, the BBA program is considered to be one of the best under-graduate programs in the country that serves as a steppingstone for any MBA program. Our BBA program offers deep insight into the Core areas of Management Science and Practice such as Strategic Management, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Sustainability, Business Ethics, and Information Systems. In built offering in our BBA program enables students to gain high proficiency in interpersonal skills (soft skills) and career-related competencies that prospective employers find attractive. The BBA program is Ideal for students who wish to start a career in business, management, or entrepreneurship soon after graduation. There are one pre-core course of 2-credits; twelve core courses of 4-credits each offered in Semesters III, IV & V; and three electives of 4-credits each offered in Semester VI.


- Business Communication (2-credits)

CORE COURSES (4-credits each):

Semester III:

- Business Statistics & Data Sciences

- Marketing Management

- Principles of Accounting

- Business Economics and Global Business

Semester IV:

- Organizational Behaviour

- Financial Management

- Operations Management

- Information Systems

Semester V:

- Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship

- Strategic Management

- Sustainability and Business Ethics

- Management & Organizational Consulting


Semester VI:

Three electives courses (4-credits each) are required in an area of specialization.



- Marketing

- Finance

- Human Resource Management

- Operations

- Information Systems

- Analytics

- International Management

- Organizational Leadership